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had you been in the forums at any point during the past couple months you'd have also been seeing a lot of posts about it with links to the sale that was going on for it.... :(
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Phil wrote:
mcgyver210 wrote:
I was posting to the fact I was hearing about the new version also for the first time today not in 2009 as stated earlier which I thought I Quoted but somehow didn't.

Where have you been since 2009 Kees. ;)

I don't think Scott meant that the new version had been available (or announced) in 2009, but that you hadn't been around since then...

That is why I hate text... It just doesn't always come across as intended.

As for me I have a business to run in a down economy & usually go straight to the download area which is the best one I have ever seen showing me the latest downloads available & at the bottom what I don't already have. Also since the CC software that actually works doesn't give me any issues I can't fix I rarely look at the site or forums on top of the others I frequent.

Oh well I probably overly sensitive since quite a few of my so called Lifetime products have been changing names, quoting end of life & even just plain out saying they need more purchases basically costing me more $$$$s in the last couple of months if I want to keep them.
Everyone has an opinion & this is just mine sorry if it offends anyone.

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