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Per other support threads I have read that the form builder no longer offers an automated means of setting tab order (pls put my name in the hat for that recommendation). Consequently the default [form_results] list outputs in order of insertion. The work around for resorting order in email output being manual edits in Email Notices > Config Email Message fields.

This solution works however in the insert data dropdown there are no date stamp or user ip fields (another suggestion). Looking for the name used to call this data so I can include it in the email output. Thanks in advance.
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There is no reason to set a tab order as it is automatically done by the way the elements are on the form. The issue you are describing was corrected in the last build. Just update to the latest version and it will work.
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Updated to lastest build and all is the same.

For aesthetics and because I don't want to delete all form fields (erasing margin settings etc) just to reinsert for corrected tab order, I instead just edited the body of the notification message ... ex:

<b>name:</b> [name] <br>
<b>email:</b> [email] <br>
<b>phone:</b> [phone] <br>
<b>address:</b> [address] <br>

Due to a spam problem I am having I want to also capture date stamp and IP. This is automatically included in [form_results] ... question remains can I manually call on these fields by adding line items to the above and if so what are the name(s) use to call that data.

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If you have use of a MySQL database, fb automaticity creates a submission date stamp and record of the ip submitting the phone. You could set up a sort of admin panel. I have php code if you need it.

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