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I would love to see integration with Dropbox and/or Google drive, so that csv files can be shared.
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Scott Swedorski wrote:
Jim Cantrell wrote:
I would like to be able to set the Item Width in pixels instead of as a percentage.

We did this for a reason Jim. This way when you adjust the width of your form, all elements scale automatically. If it was done by pixels, you would have to manually adjust each element to make them fit.

Actually, no. Computers are very good (and very fast) at making these sorts of calculations. It would be a relatively simple programming task to have pixels displayed in parentheses beside the item width. For example if the form width were 800px, then 100% elements could have (800px) displayed beside them, 1/3-width elements could show (266px), etc.

It would also seem a relatively easy task to allow us to set individual element widths by pixels, and then show us how many pixels remain on that line, so we could adjust them appropriately.

Even better would be an option, when one element does not fill up a line, to ask us when we select the next element "Fit on previous line? (266px remaining)."

Better yet, allow us to drag each element to where we want it, and show us graphically when the element goes outside the box, and just allow us to drag the widths of the elements to fit them where we want them. This would be the most ideal of all solutions. It would, of course, be the most difficult to program, but hey, you guys are programming geniuses. I bet you could do this in your sleep.
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I have used Web Form Builder for years; I've tried many other form submission techniques and helpers, and I keep coming back to WFB because it's the quickest way for me to get from concept to finished (and functional) form, and because I can easily customize the HTML email my web customers get when the form is submitted.

One of the biggest drawbacks, I've found, is when I find little tweaks I want to make to the form after it's online. Don't laugh, I bet you've done this too - with most forms you post.

The drawback is if I make one small change, WFB wants me to re-upload the entire package, which takes a frustratingly long time. I think it would be a major enhancement (it certainly would be for me) if there were a way for me to tweak a form in WFB and then have WFB give me only the changed files to re-upload.

Yes, I've gone into the php and xml files to change a BCC address or subject line, but it would surely be easier to do the tweaks in WFB.

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I just got formbuilder, and like it so far.
But, I wish that it had a mm/dd/yyyy date format.
I don't understand why you wouldn't include a 4-character year.
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2,958 posts is 4 digit year. If you put the date field in (I know it says mm/dd/yy) but it displays as mm/dd/yyyy. Just drop the date field in and preview. When you click on the field to select a date it will show the current year as 2013. :cool:

Or did I miss something ?? :P
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stripe payment gateway.
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theres a problem with the date field, if client types in 2013 rather than using the pop up window (possible mac user error) it brings up an error message, and form will not submit

Also if you select dd/mm/yy fore instance i suspect client typing in dd-mm-yy might also cause problems
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Calculations!! We need to have ability to calculate the total of amount entered into field a, b and c (amount may be in only 1 or in 2 or all three) then enter that total into field. We also need to take amount entered into field e multiplied by 3.5% to calculate the amount for field f.

I see a lot of discussion about calculated fields but doesn't look like this has been made a reality yet. I have read through the various suggested programming tips and I'm now suporting a mohawk (i.e., way over my head) but little ability to take on these challenges....
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First off, I would love to know how close the multi-page forms are to being released. A recent request has me building a huge form and should really be split into 4 sections. It this regard, I truly hope you are going to offer the ability to make forms tabbed. Not just PREV and NEXT buttons.

The current project also brought up a need I am not sure WFB has exactly. Basically what I have been asked to do is to create a "Build Your Own Course" form with 4 areas, and those 4 areas have quite a few modules to select from. To add the description for each of the modules will make things very long and tedious to deal with for the end user. So what I would like to suggest (or is someone knows how) is that I be able to put in a quick link next to the Module name to pop-up or give a tool tip with the module description.

I know currently you can add HTML field and create a pop-up using javascript... sort of... but it s clunky and odd. This is what I did in a test form using the HTML feature:
<p id="test">click here for module description</p>
var test = document.getElementById('test');
test.addEventListener('click', function() {
alert('Vestibulum et risus. Maecenas venenatis neque sed sapien. Sed et nisl ac nisl varius dapibus. Nulla erat. Aliquam dictum neque id orci. Sed scelerisque tortor id libero. Integer ornare. Suspendisse potenti. Donec vestibulum sagittis risus. Sed lacinia consectetuer turpis. In accumsan, mauris ut viverra ultrices, lacus ligula commodo velit, ut cursus arcu tortor et justo');

But like I said, you cannot format the text in the pop up for the most part, and the link it creates is not distinguishable from normal text. Heck, the cursor will not even turn into a finger. LOL! It remains in text select mode.

Anyway, Thank you for a great product. I have been using it for a long time. Keep up the great work.
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How about forwarding them to the next section at confirmation.
I can't hear what I'm looking at.
It's easy to overlook something you're not looking for.

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