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I am just curious if anyone else has any issues when updating and saving the form?

I tend to make several updates to the form and for whatever reason I just made 3 updates, saved the form and then did a manual update to my server...several files updated with a new save date, however my form output is still the same.

I changed the HTML Auto Reply, HTML Form Submission Information and Form Subject title...I have saved, re-saved and re-uploaded several times...still the same as it was the first time.

I guess what I am wondering is there anyone else seeing this issue and what they are doing to correct that?

Also, how do I know that when I click SAVE that I am actually overwriting that information?

I like the form builder for the most part but it's kind of unpredictable when making changes.

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I would a agree on the lack of fire works when you hit the save button in form builder.;)
I find my self always checking the file properties to see if it's been changed at the date and time I know I saved it.
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It's easy to overlook something you're not looking for.

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Sometimes when the forms are updated, the only way to check if they have actually changed on the server is to delete history and cookies.
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Yes, I've learned over the past few weeks that it's wise to follow a routine;

1. When you hover over the Save button - it changes colour. When you click it - it changes to a darker shade whilst saving the data then it reverts back to original hover colour.

2. Play Safe! - Save As - Confirm Overwrite - now and again.

3. After amending a form - before I upload, I close any tabs in IE9 that are displaying my forms and delete the history.

4. I design the Notification and Auto-Response emails in HTML Editor, so that I can preview them, I then copy and paste them into the 'Configure Email Message' area in WFB.

5. For the Confirmation Message - I select - 'Redirect to another URL' - I then design the page in HTML Editor and simply upload it to my server...... Nice and Easy :)

6. At the top or bottom of all my Forms, I always put a Reference Number as Plain Text. for example: 3101121610 - indicates - form updated on 31st Jan 2012 at 16:10hrs. When the form is uploaded you can immediately see whether you are viewing the updated form.

Works for me :)


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