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Wow, planning across the board I'm guessing for fixing this much needed issue on many CC softwares. Great job guys you're making some very happy users today!
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I'm thinking of buying the form builder to use with coffee cup shopping cart creator pro for the check out information I'll need from our customers. I'm assuming it works with that software. Can you help? Also, once I've created the form, how do I move it over to my other software? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Hiya Joanne,

If you're expecting the form to integrate with the shopping cart software to gather your customer information, then you'll be disappointed. Unfortunately there is no integration there to accommodate gathering any customer info. You are able to add forms to your shop though to gather info, just that you'll need to make your customer aware in some way that it's a separate send so they realize it's not tied to the checkout in any way and that they will need to submit the form and also the checkout too.

Adding the form is easy once you have it completed. The form builder gives you the code you need to input into the shopping cart software page which you use the HTML Tool on the SCC programs to put it in there. Then just upload the files that the form builder creates to the directory your shop is in and that's all there is to it. The hard part is adding the info for your customer to be sure they know to send the form in.

As for the checkout info, that is all gathered by PayPal or your payment processor of choice in the SCC program. The program itself does not gather any info and the form builder is unable to capture any of that information that is being passed on to the payment processor.

Hope that is what you were trying to understand and let us know if you need more info :)

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