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Now that many of you have started playing with the new HTML Form Builder, there are still many more features that really let you control the nitty gritty aspects of the form. One great set of highly configurable features you can play with are the "Confirm Options". We now give you 3 different ways on options for what happens after the submit button is pressed.

Confirm message: If you have embedded your form into a page, use this option so that the message configured in here displays within the dimensions of the form.

Redirect to another URL: Send the visitor to any website address you like upon submission of the form.

Redirect to a custom HTML page: This is where you really have full control. Using HTML/CSS, you can create an entire page to look however you like; the only limit is your imagination. You can also dynamically insert all form variables into the page allowing you to really tailor the look and feel.

To access these features, go to the Settings Toolbar Icon > Confirm Options Tab.

So what do you think? How well do these 3 options work with your existing website? Is it configurable enough and easy to understand?

Feedback, feedback, feedback.... ;)
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