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Had been playing with the lite version and found that to ask questions about the full version on the forums I had to purchase it, so I did, so now I am going to have a few qestions.

In the footer, there is only the option for a "submit" button, is there another way to add additional functional buttons similar to those in the classic version, as in I would like to ad a "print" button so while the client is waiting for their email confirmation, they at least have something in their hand, also a reset button so they could clear the form if they really felt like they blew the whole thing.

Secondly, in the classic you could simply click on, move and drop your elements where you wanted on the page, giving you almost precision placement, this seems to not be available in the new version as it is in most wysiwyg type editors. In the software description it mentioned drag and drop features, is that only referring to dragging from the element tab to the workspace and not from one area in the workspace to another? Or am I missing something?

Third, I purchased this to build a very specific form for registrations, since I assume that this would be something that other people using this software would also be using it for one thing I would find valuable is an incremental numbering, like is used for say an order number. This way each form has a definite identifying value attached to each registration. Is this something that is possible, worth considering, or with luck possibly already a fleeting thought in one of your programmers mind?

I only compare the classic version with the new html because I have had some exposure to classic on a friends computer. I am not especially fond of flash driven applications as they can create issues with servers and even the end user if they are not up to speed on the importance of keeping flash up to date, html on the other hand can be pretty bullet proof, this is why I chose to go with the html version.
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Hey Bob,

1. No, you can only have one button. We may include more later on, but we are waiting to see what our customers would like. When you export the form, you have full control over the HTML, so you can add any extra buttons you like. I still don't get the want for a reset button. I have never wanted to clear an entire form after filling one out. ;)

2. You have to remember you are not working with Flash anymore, so things work a bit differently. You can still with a bit of tweaking make a form that has the same style and layout. You do this on the Properties Tab by adjusting the padding and item width.

3. I don't think this is on our radar at this time. Interesting idea, but not really what we have in mind for the program.

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The reset button, kindof a whatever. I myself do find value in a print button, so you at least have one vote on considering that.

Ya, I do realize that there is a difference with flash, but was making my comment based on there are editors out there that do allow for drag and drop, but I also realize it is not Dreamweaver or Pagemaker, otherwise you would have it out there for big bucks rather than $39, I was just hoping I missed something....
Then again this is still in its crawling stages so future releases can only bring improvements.

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If I want a printout which is not available on many forms I see, I use the browser print function or better still save the html, saves ink.
As far as Dreamweaver or Pagemaker is concerned. I have tried them both and unless you are considering a large corporate site, this works, it's quick, suits many devices and best of all plenty of advice you do not have to pay for on a support line. Plus it's cheap. I have just purchased it and it has already recovered the price as well as VSD which I invested in at the same time.

Just drop some Adsense adds in your site and watch the pennies roll in. My advice is, test the water with trials and if they seem to cut the bacon buy. Life is too short for regrets.
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Hey Bob,

Go to the suggestions forum please and put in a suggestion for the Reset Button (I will also as I also want that feature) and the Print Buttons.

I for one want to see more button additions also, but..... the Reset button goes with the "non defaulted Radio Buttons" mostly, that I've been asking for.

anyways, please go to the Suggestions forum for FB and put them in there so they are counted and noticed by the devs if you would and I'll follow up on them too. :)

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