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I built the site first in responsive site designer and webform builder. Then moved everything to site designer. did some fixing uploaded and wanted to redo the sitemap. When you look at the picture I got errors. Never had errors before.

Any Ideas.
Thanks Alan
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Sorry, that image of the files you posted cannot be read, and I mean cannot be read by human eyes. Much too blurry. It would be better if you posted the project file.

And when did the error(s) happen? In the Sitemapper, or before that?
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Inger thank you again for responding.
If you have the cc sitemapper program make a site map of .
Even when I use a online sitemapper site the same errors happened. The errors are of the contact form.
I noticed these errors appeared when I migrated fron rsd 2.5 to site designer 3.0.

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I would try removing the spaces from the form name. They can trip up php code.
Did you just upgrade your site to php ver. 7.1.1?
I've seen a few other user have problems with the configuration. You might try going back to ver. 5.6 … ertest.php
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Thanks for the ideas I did those and I'm going to let it settle and see if it fixes itself may be migrating over to

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