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I need a couple of almost identical, simple contact forms on a site. The only difference between the two is that the labels and confirmation messages will be in English on one of them and in Portuguese on the other.

So I first made the English form, exported it and uploaded it. Then I tweaked it to make it more compact, by reducing overall form margins in the default.css file (in the theme folder of exported files) and by using a different reCaptcha theme (which made it 30% smaller) and moving the 'Submit' button up to the right of the reCaptcha. These latter mods were made in the [form-name].html file. It all tested out fine with confirmation message and e-mails received as designed.

I then saved the form under a different name and changed labels, etc. from English to Portuguese, tweaked, exported and uploaded. Everything looked fine on the form, but when I tested a submittal, I got a blank space in lieu of a confirmation message and no e-mails were received.
I am still trying to figure out what I may have done wrong to break it, but as a temporary workaround, I thought I'd try and publish it on S-Drive. So i just switched the reCaptcha from manual to automatic and clicked on 'Publish' and lo and behold, everything worked just fine with confirmation message, e-mails an' all!
Well, almost everyting... My tweaks had of course been overwritten and now I cannot see any way of accessing the files in question on S-Drive to re-tweak them...!

Well, this is turning into a novel, but I do have two distinct questions:

1. Is there any way to access the default.css and [form-name].html files on S-Drive for modifications/tweaks?
2. Does anyone have any idea why the Portuguese version wouldn't work, while the - essentially identical - English version does? (I've had two ideas, namely that there may be some missing php file in the upload, or that there may be something going wrong with the reCaptcha keys when I use two sets of them on the same site. Neither of these theories seem to pan out...)

The English form (exported/uploaded) is at: http://www.mingas.com/contact.php
and the Portuguese version (S-Drive) is at: http://www.mingas.com/contact-pt.php
(or toggle between the two using the flags in the header...)
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Got it sorted out, at least wrt #2, which means #1 became less critical. A php file was missing in the upload, as I had suspected, although I couldn't spot it at first.
So, the issue is closed :)

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