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Hello everyone.
I'm curious about something related to the Forms software and S-Drive.
I use ZOHO forms right now because it has a robust approval process.

For example:
1. A website has a form submission for a company to post job openings.
2. The company fills out the form and the submission is sent to an administrator for approval.
3. After approval, the companies job posting is processed and posted on the website.

For my design company, this is a MUST HAVE to prevent spammers from filling out the form and populating the website with garbage.

The simple question is, can CC forms and S-drive accomplish this?

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Hello David
You could send the form to an administrators email of your choice within your company for approval, in settings "notifications"
You can choose whomever to send it to and also a CC or a BCC if required. Once approved the processing for creating a page on the site can begin..

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It depends on how automated you want the system to be. On S-Drive, you are limited to html so you cannot add PHP for someone to click a link in the email for the posting submission to automatically be posted.

On the other hand, if you are using web form builder running on S-Drive, all your submissions are save in a database. Therefore:

1. You can direct the email notification of the form submission (with the data from the form) to any email address you choose.
2. You can send a notification to log into the CC account and read the form data to approve it or not.
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