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Two issues, actually. They existed in 5.1.19, and persisted in 5.1.20 (the latest).

1) I created an event - on the third Tuesday of each month -- and had it repeated monthly. But since the event is repeated on the same date each month, I thought I'd just cut-and-paste each month's even to the proper date.

But I can't just right-click and cut (or delete, for that matter) just one event -- they ALL get deleted. Is this by design?

2) If I edit a single event and change the date within the "Add Event" window, shouldn't the event be moved to that date?
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In case 1 you could let the event repeat weekly, and then delete it on the dates when it doesn't take place. By Delete you have the option to delete all occurrencies or only one. Is a lot of work, but that is the way to do it for the time being.

Case 2, if you change the date for one instant of an event, they all get changed.

I think we need an update of this app...
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