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:mad: bought this sometime ago and today started to play with it as one site would like a calendar resembling it. Nothing but grief for me as I experimanted on a page - I don't know what order to put the items in:
1. First tried to use the default 700 width with the Crackerjack and that had the text so small I thought with a larger width I would get bigger text so went to 1100. I have saved and reloaded over and over with no joy at all. It will not show at the larger size OR do I have to start over from scratch. No way to change a current calendar basics - have to make anew one? Terrible if so. Latest loading even put the titles outside the calendar. At least at 700 it rendered OK.
2. Text is far too small to see, On the sales page they are using a width of about 1200 pix and stiil not super for seniors I deal with.
3. Text box will not allow for extra lines so a title as simple as "Started this calendar" is cut off at "Started this ca" when it is inside the calendar date box.
4. After setting width to 1100 tried Preview and there it was but no way to close it. Had to use Task Manager to close the program down.
5. Even saving the code it defaults to 'calendar.html" instead of the name you are using so have to re-enter each time.

I have given up until there is a massive revision/update to this one. I went through the forum looking for successful readable calendars posted and there sure are not many - no wonder. What a dissapointment.
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I don't think it's the calenders fault but some of the css on your page is overriding the calender css.
The one quick thing to do is to try moving all of the calender scripts in the head of your page to just above the </head> tag.
I can't hear what I'm looking at.
It's easy to overlook something you're not looking for.

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