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For the last couple of months I have been working on a webshop. It is a remake of an older webshob, and I need to do a whole lot of code cleaning of old html documents to make something decent out of it. And here I come across files, which have most likely been originally written in Word. :o Just take a look at the source code of the file attached! It is 38KB, and after stripping all the junk, only 3KB worth of contents remains!

I had another file a couple of days ago, 54KB before, and 5KB after, and I had even added a couple of images to the 'after' version. Madness is all I can say!
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I kind of like all the "LsdException" lines in the source code. It reminds you why office makes such good code and having to explain to the author of the site to not use it any longer. I'm not to fond of the, "It worked the way I did it in word", arguments that come up when people like yourself care about the back end. To me, talking about mold at the initial sale is kind of creepy.
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