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I just received solicitation from person/organization on my majic jack number. The woman who seemed to be recorded said they were google or representing google (all solicitations always name drop google). They offer guaranteed first pg google search results for monthly fee. Press one to get further information or sign up for this or press two to be removed. They make it sound like if you press 2 you are separating yourself from google of whom they are and say it in a most authoritative manner. If this is so I am getting solicited from google multiple times weekly and relentlessly. I fear that if I ever really get a call from the actual google I will not know it and treat them badly like the relentless misrepresenting solicitors who hound the ever loving hell out of one. I have pressed the remove me from the calling list selection several hundred times I believe.

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Those solicitation calls are so annoying. I added my number to and not sure if it is helping or not yet.
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Thank you for posting Scott. It seems to be not relevant if you are already coming up on first pg and very near the beginning or actually first of first seems to be irrelevant. I think that the calls may be coming from overseas, or they are teamed up with someone in states to propagate the calls for them. They are so disruptive to my phone usage that they make it difficult for me to answer the phone properly and sometimes to respond improperly to real customers because I think that they are the demon solicitors. It is a serious problem, would be nice to be able to send a shock jolt along the phone line to people on the other end who deserve it.

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Maybe CC can create a shock jolt app? :lol:
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Well, I just received call from eye glass company representative returning my missed call to him from earlier today, it would seem that the wrascally solicitors can send out missed calls using my phone number guess that that is phone number hacking, did not know that they could do that. First time that that has happened. Perhaps they read this post, seams likely. The wrascally solicitors have sent me a jolt instead.

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Same thing happened with me also.

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