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hello, I have been enjoying your software for a while now, I have to say, your html editor and ftp programs are the two most commonly used programs here, they always work, they start and close ok and everything, your software so far has been top quality all the way, having a really Fancy Look and all that does nothing, Functionality is the best, looks are important yes, but, too many bells and whistles can be distracting... only now I just got to make some sort of website that is ok and all, yet, it would be nice to see this website and all them other coffee cup created websites with a 'browser' That Works! lately they been pretty much forcing these new downloads on some of them 'larger' 'sites' ;)

maybe you could make these programs

2 versions of html editor, one for 'Joes' one for 'Pros'

then, have a browser, nice and simple, all I want to do is surf the net, bookmark the odd page and stuff, and then leave all that tinker stuff for them other places...

but I got to say, good software, the price was excellent, especially when comes with upgrades... do the math, 150$, multiple programs/software, free upgrades - or - 150$, one program/software, no upgrades

I failed math, but I can still easily see a big difference

thanks for your time

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