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A. All upgrades and versions MUST retain previous entries.
B. Captcha is a must.
C. Ban Ip or user would be good as well. Some spammers are relentless.
D. The ability to accept or decline html entries as well as file types.
E. Ban word and replace with ##@@*= type option.
(While you're at it, you might find it exhilerating to post a prepopulated list to use or edit at user discretion
F. Selectable table (guestbook) widths which would allow for incorporating an inline frame to integrate easily with any site layout.

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I love this company and its products but I have to say I do see a lot of teasing on here, as in they say they are going to do somthing and get people excited and then don't deliver. A guestbook at would be great but as this was posted in 2007 it look like another project canned:(
Karl Williams.

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If you look at this thread, my post said "Possibility of creating a Guest Book application.", however only 23 people posted a reply since October 2007.
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I don't post that much, but I'd use it. Well...if it worked the way I wanted it to, that is. I would need one that could be dropped into an existing site without having to worrying about page design issues (ie - it just appears where i tell it within an existing page).

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I have quite a few of your software packages, and have never been disappointed by them. It seems to me that adding a Guest Book feature to your Form Builder software would be a logical option. You would need most the features of form builder to create the custom forms for a Guest Book. Just a thought.

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Hi Scott I can see there was not a lot of interest, but if you look across the forums there is about 69 comments on a guest book application,

That's not much more but there is an interest, I think if you put a poll on here asking "Would you like to see a guestbook application?" you would get a better response.
Karl Williams.

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NO offense and I to would like a guestbook as well but in CC defense, why hurry when alot of hosting company's offer a guestbook free of charge. Just my opinion, but it's better to fix whatever is next in line then to worry about a new product at this point. Ok I'll quit

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Hi Scott, I agree with Karlos.
I asked for a guest book application last year not knowing that you were already apparently working on one.

I for one would certainly be interested as my hosting company does not supply one for free.

Adding it to Form Builder seems a logical move as suggested recently but then again I dont write software so it may not be logical.... lol

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I would be interested in a guest/friend book program that allowed for multiple guest books. I can only have one but I need others for my subdomains. How are you all coming along with this idea? I realize that there are quite a few freebies out there, but if coffee cup created a multi functional one that included options for comments/feedback/condolences/ecards etc., and at a reasonable price, I believe many of us would invest in it. Everyday, new people are accessing the internet and as I stumbled across coffee cup, others will too. Though I rarely know what I am doing, coffee cup is my preferred software and the support you give, will keep me here. There are other products I will be purchasing as I grow my business.

Sharing thoughts!

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A guest book would a great addition to the websites I maintain.
I'm putting my vote in - go for it CoffeeCup crew!

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