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I have been using the SiteMapper software with no problems at all. Great Product! Today, I upgraded my shopping cart and tried to create a new site map to submit to Google, etc. Strange thing was that for my site with about 500 unique items, the previous sitemaps included a maximum of about 1,000 URLs but with the new shopping cart upgrade - the sitemapper software continued to crank through 25,000 URLs before I shut the program down.

Not knowledgeable with the code behind the SiteMapper program - has anyone experienced this "open ended" problem or other strange behavior? It appears to be looping through my web site. Any thoughts or similar problems elsewhere??

I hate to think that I can't use the CC software or won't be able to re-submit an updated sitemap...

Thanks for any thought or suggestions!

Mike P.
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You need to add strings into the 'Profile Options/ Queries to Ignore' box.

I don't know how you cart is generated but this is the sort of thing you have to enter:-


You will have to run sitemapper for a while and then stop it and check to see if there are any urls with endngs similar to above.

Yours may not look the same but my example will give you an idea.
Add what you don't want into the box, save your profile and then run Sitemapper again.
You may have to do it a few times but once done that will be it.
Come back here if you have any problems.

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Just checked back and say your post. I will run the program a few times to see which strings repeat...I saw a few and will "iterate" through the list and store (and re-store) in the profile. Eventually, I should be able to "trap" those odd-ball query strings that do nothing productive...I'll check back again with the results...

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