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Hi...I just purchased the Google Sitemapper software and the spider will only spider my index page and does not go any further!

Both Google and Yahoo have over 1000 pages indexed from my site so I am concerned that the Coffeecup software is only spidering the index page and nothing further.

I have checked my settings and all seems to be fine.
1) I have "Create sitemap by spidering my Website" checked

Thank you for any and all advice,

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I have the same problem.

I have 22 of 27 pages indexed and have since added more.
I run site mapper and it finds the main pages and few others, but misses the most important ones.

Anybody have any ideas? Coffecup, What about you, Can you help?

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You may want to click on profile and change your forum name to something other than your email address, as a way to cut down on your spam.

Can you provide a link to the site?

Do you have links to all your pages? The spider looks for links and checks the linked pages.
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I went back and looked over my notes and the problem turned out to be "www" in URL.

Everything is working fine now.

The simple things are the ones you miss.


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