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I have used the sitemapper to 'spider' my website and have uploaded the files to my server.

Then I have gone into coffeecup to submit the site map with Google.

But I get a message saying:

'We were unable to submit your sitemap for the following reasons:

We are experiencing trouble accessing your sitemap'

I wonder whether I have saved the sitemap files in the right place on my server. I just uploaded them to But should I input a path like this: ?? :/

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Then I have gone into coffeecup to submit the site map with Google.

What does this mean? What CoffeeCup program did you "go into" for uploading the files? If you uploaded them directly from the SIteMapper program, where it asks for the location to upload them to try putting /public_html/ in there and see what happens.

If you have access to an FTP program you can look at your account and see where they ended up. I'm guessing they ended up in your root directory:

and not in your web site folder:

NOTE: "www" and "public_html" are usually the same folder, though not always. I use "public_html" because that one is guaranteed to work.
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Just as a thought, you could use the add files in VSD and upload them from there also Ian, but basically you would upload from sitemapper in the same directory with the same set up as VSD. (Visual Site Designer) FYI

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If you are referring to submitting the sitemap to Google, you can do so from Google.

Sometimes it seems the connection from CoffeeCup to Google does not work, but if you setup a webmaster account with Google, you can submit your sitemap directly with Google.
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Remember to upload the site map files like any other files to your / or public_html folder.

To submit it has to be in this format:

(The example would be your website address. It must have the sitemap.xml ending.

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