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I run sitemapper on the site I did and it comes up with one file:

I run sitemapper on another site I did and it comes up with all of the webpages.

The only difference I can see between the sites is that on the first site all the pages are htm whereas on the 2nd site they are html.

I did not change the default settings to look for .htm, .html.

Anybody know why there is a problem?
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I just went to that link and there's no web pages, just a list of the directory's contents. Looks like index.htm(l) is missing.
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Just went there and the page appears for me. Click on the links.

I changed them all to html extensions and sitemapper still does not pull them up.
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The sitemapper and the search engine bots do not use javascript. Your menu on this site is a javascript file.

You may want to put a set of links at the bottom of the page using standard anchors to allow visually impaired visitors to navigate your pages, and allow search engines to index your pages. This will also allow the sitemapper to map your site.

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