Sitemapper is listing Redirect Links

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The help page states that Sitemapper "does not scan redirected URLs. This is because the redirection is interpreted as the link moving off-site."

I have a php program that redirects many of the links from many of the pages on my site. Those links did not show up when I ran previous versions of Sitemapper. I updated sitemapper and tested it and it worked fine and none of the redirect links were listed. This morning I added another page to my website that contains redirect links; Sitemapper is listing those links as if they are part of my site.

Since it's only listing the links on one page, the one I added to my site this morning, I thought that maybe I had something wrong with the html coding, but it appears to be correct. I reran the Sitemapper program as a 'new' scan without using the previously saved .csm options and I get the same result.

The 'failing' page:
A page that works that most closely resembles the failing page:
The html code for each piece of artwork in the two above pages is generated semi-automatically using the same software, and the resultant html code is then copied and pasted into my webuilder tool; therefore the structure of the html code is very similar. So I would expect the same results from Sitemapper for both of those pages.

Any clue as to why this is happening? Can you reproduce the failure?

Other details:
System: Windows XP
CoffeeCup Sitemapper Ver 5.0 Build 192, registered version
This is a repeatable error
I only have access to this one computer, so can't test others
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Update: Sitemapper isn't adding any of the Tinyurl redirect links, but I it is adding some of the links from another page (maybe the home page?)

It's adding the links that end in:
(They all begin with

I can't figure out why it adds only some of them. I would expect that it would list either none of my php redirect links or all of them.

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