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Is there an issue with SiteMapper 4.7.1 not adhering to ignore subdirectory and query settings? For every site, I tell it to not include a specific folder, such as but it indexes it and everything under it anyway. Same with queries. I tell it to not index certain queries, but it does anyway. I can recall about a year ago when these settings did work, but for months it hasn't and I'm wondering if its a bug, or I'm doing something wrong. For ignore directory, I'm entering the full directory as instructed.
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I had the same issue, and reported it and submitted the ouput files and the .csm. The problem was verified by Coffeecup so I'm assuming it will be fixed in the new build they're working on now.
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not actually. i´m using the 5.0 build 192 and it is exact the same with forbidden directories from the robots.txt and queries i didn´t want to be crawled.
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