Sitemapper does not export all pages

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Not sure why this is happening and have been unable to resolve on my own. When I access my site and generate a site map, everything appears complete and correct. All pages are found, etc. I do have it set to generate "both" because I do have quite a few pages and want a sitemap for visitors to the site. When I click on preview, it displays the sitemap in my browser, but a number of pages are missing. There are bullets where the pages should be but the page is not there. The pages are not sequential, but scattered. It would not be quite so confusing, except in the Sitemapper app everything is there. In preview, not there. I also exported the file and opened the html file. Indeed the same pages are not there. Any input would be appreciated.

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I'm not sure whether it will help, but my experience of these matters is as follows.

I have sometimes hit the bullet matter when I have switched between themes in the Theme Designer. Clicking on 'Reset Theme Defaults' after switching themes has sorted that for me.

As to the sort order of pages, I have have not found any problem with the manual sorting of items by moving them up and down in the scan screen after right-clicking on the root item and selecting 'Manual Subitem Sorting'.


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Thanks for the reply Frank. It is strange that you would mention your experience. During the night last night it came to me that the theme could be the problem and I was going to experiment with that some this morning. Then I turn on the computer and you suggest the same thing.

So, I did reset the theme defaults and indeed everything cleared up. Also, I am afraid I was a bit unclear concerning the sorting of the pages. The pages all appeared sequentially in the site map, but random pages were missing. For example pages 3, 8 and 12 might have been missing as opposed to 4,5 & 6.

Again, thanks for the reply and the great suggestion.

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