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I have a website at hosted on microsoft office live. I have mapped the site but can not get the map uploaded. For the upload settings I have the hostname as, initial host file folder as public_html (per recommendations on this site) with the passive mode set. The map will not upload. Any advice as to what I am doing wrong or missing? If I should not use public_html what is the correct page name for office live? Microsoft has not been a help. The site is set to go live as soon as I can get the web crawlers to find it.
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I'm afraid I know nothing about Office Live. What name does the map page have? Don't forget that your map is embedded in an html is not just the image. See my map here as an example... which as you can see is called "luoghi-map-interactive.html"
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Microsoft Office live uses HTTP instead of ftp.:)
I can't hear what I'm looking at.
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Janys, I think you have misread Mark's post. He is talking about the site mapper, not the image mapper...
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Oh my are absolutely right. I am in a real whirlwind right now and my concentration levels are real low (refuse to call it old age!!!) and I had really not noticed. Sorry for that Mark...
Put it all down to the idle chatter of a little old lady...

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