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Downloaded the latest sitemapper and the XML file
is generating "<lastmod>1969-12-31" which Google
flags as a bad date. Any ideas? I've tried several options
without any success. HELP !!
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Not sure if this is why it is flagged, but in 1969 we were not building websites... ;)
Ha en riktig god dag!
Inger, Norway
This site was made before we were able to create components through the app:
Component sharing for RFF, RBB, RSD and SD: https://eikweb.com/sharing/
My work in progress right now:
Components for the same as above + HTML Editor: https://mock-up.coffeecup.com

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I would think that Sitemapper uses the system date/time. What does your system date say? And while I'm at it, what OS are you using?
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In case anyone is curious, back in 1969 we were using:
TENEX (Bolt, Beranek and Newman for DEC systems, later TOPS-20)
Unics (later Unix) (AT&T, initially on DEC computers)
RC 4000 Multiprogramming System (RC)
Multics (MIT, GE, Bell Labs for the GE-645 and later the Honeywell 6180) (opened for paying customers in October[7])
GEORGE 3 (no relation to me) For ICL 1900 series
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