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My web site is
Windows 7 pro
Site mapper 5.1 registered version
Occurs every time

Sitemapper seems to scan my site OK except this folder … ks/wheels/ where it only lists one item lancework.html Everything else seems OK. The html for the page is the same format as other pages as far as I can see so it is a puzzle. I could always edit the sitemapper html my self to include the missing items but I rather the problem was solved.
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I'd upgrade to the latest version (6) of Sitemapper, and try again. I just scanned your site and it worked great. Here is a screenshot that shows the offending directory...
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Definitely update to 6.0 which you should find in your purchases area when you click on Account at the top right, the new one works a whole lot better by far :)
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Much, much better thanks!
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Hello, I just bought sitemapper ver 6 and when i scan one subfolder the software does not show all files. it only shows .pdf but not .html or others even when the scan file type mention all the extensions.
help is appreciated:)
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Are there links to all those html pages?
I can't hear what I'm looking at.
It's easy to overlook something you're not looking for.

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