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I own the software, I am not new to coding and I have absolutely no time to deal with building a website. My current website is huge and old and encompasses over 3 gigabytes of data on my own web server. I was recently diagnosed with cancer and am currently dealing with that. I built every ozone333 website that ever existed myself from scratch in Dreamweaver but have no time to build a Web 3.0 website in Site Designer because of the other BIG issue I am dealing with at the moment. I am happy to pay real $$$ depending on the quality and the amount of work put in by one of you talented Site Designer aficionados. When you are finished I want the ability to modify the website myself without legal issues, a dedicated customizable HTML5 embedded music/video player or separate players, and lots of scalability.

I have written, produced, mastered, distributed and promoted my electronic dance music for over 20 years and have around 32 albums, 8 unpublished at this point in time. Around 2006 was when I did a contract with MTV to let them use 10 albums of my music in their TV shows but nothing really big has come my way since that. I no longer receive royalties from those shows. I'm not broke but I derive most of my income from Tecaching Fiber Optics, until my most recent situation... Colon Cancer. Please contact me if you are interested in updating my massive website to something more modern.

Owen Liebich
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Hi there Owen,

I may be able to help you here but will need to discuss exactly what you need and a few other things before I can commit to take on a project like this. Feel free to reach out to me. I am available this evening if you want to chat. You can find my contact info on my website in my signature.

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