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Hi Inger. My friend has gone home now so do not have an iPhone to hand. Does I work on iPhone with your version of my video? Thank you
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Yes, it works, on Iphone 6.
Here is the .mov file: …
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Hi Folks,

I was able to add all the proper video formats that SD allows (including .mov) and uploaded a new version of "Tale of Two Brains", a lot faster than I thought I could.

You might have tested the new version on your iPhones, if you looked at this site in the last few minutes.

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One more thing about these new SD Video/Audio elements...

I recently changed my (extremely simple) development cover site to use the HTML5 Video element for the picture slideshow in the header of the one and only page of this website. This was to replace a video player that was generated by a third-party piece of software.

The SD video options were set to "autoplay" and "loop" only to provide a continuously running background. It runs okay on most web browsers, even including Internet Explorer 11, without problems. But, when I tried it with Google Chrome (Windows desktop and Android versions) and Opera, the video did not play - just displays the first frame and freezes there. I finally found that I had to right click the video and request "Add controls" to start the video playing.

This problem did not happen with the third-party video player software, which ran in an <iframe>, on any web browser I had ever tested it on, even on smartphones.

Not a huge problem, but I don't think anyone can fix it and it appears to be a <video> peculiarity of these two browsers, maybe as a privacy or security design. Just be aware, I guess.

Another change:
I had to move the Hero Unit container below the video instead of imposing it on top of the video. This was done by using "position:absolute" for the container. Imposing the container on top does not work for some older browsers, like IE 11, in some other versions of the cover site generated by SD, regardless of whether a HTML5 Video element or third-party software was used. This feature worked okay in RSD. And, I used only "flex" and no "grid" features in the SD version(s).

I suppose I should open a support ticket for this problem - unless I'm missing something or it's some known problem.

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