SD and WFB: coupling regex or ReCaptcha

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Hi All,

On a few of my WFB forms, I use a regex as anti-spam.
Now, I'm trying to do the form's layout and design within SD.
In SD, there is no easy way to insert a regex (or a Recaptcha as an alternative).
I am not a handcoder.
Can anyone give me some advice?

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Hi there,

You may want to note that there is no backend scripts to any of the forms you build in SD or Form Designer. All those elements are just placeholders and you have to add your own backend scripts to make it work. As far as WFB Recaptcha is the only thing your going to be able to implement.
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Steve Kolish

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Hi Steve,

Thanks for the reply.

Yeah, i know, that's why I use WFB for the backend.
In WFB I use a regex, but how can i make SD to "see" that regex?
I can make a perfectly good working form with SD, and use WFB as the backend for that, but that's without a regex or Recaptcha.

However, when I use a regex or recaptcha in WFB, There seems no way to sync those up with SD.

Suzanne of CC told me that this option is something they consider for a next upgrade. Until then, custom coding in a html-element or coding after export is the only way to go.
Coding by hand is not one of my strong points, to put it mildly;)
Hopefully any one of you more experienced people know how to do this?
Any help would be very welcome!

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Hi Pieter,

If your form isn't too complex, maybe you can use the form I have in my 'component shop', see 2nd URL in my signature and choose the framework you are using. The form has been made with SD, and it comes with a back-end script.
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Hi Inger,

My form is bit more complex, but I can definitely use your code for the captcha!
Thanks a lot!

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