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Has anyone encountered the situation where you are working away and suddenly all your work is lost. This still seems to happen on the odd occasion.
My fix for this is no matter what I do I always keep saving my project. A bit cumbersome but better than losing work.
Anyone else encountered this?
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I think several users have experienced that, but mainly with Windows versions, and some versions back. Next time it happens to you, please report it to the CC support, and include the project you were working on, and the SD log file *). Also try to explain, as exact as possible what you were doing just before it happened.

*) Enable the logfile in Preferences, if you haven't already done so.
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Yes, I have had that. I previously worked on the PC version but also now have Mac version. What you describe is exactly what happens to me and my approach.
I also find that when I open on a laptop screen I can't always access the tools window and dare not open the Resources as the save button is off the screen and that window cannot be moved. Then I force a quit, and when I reload SD the window is perfect with styles, components, and elements window all available.
Can't wait to get to the PC....

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