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Facebook uses the file designated by og:image as the icon aligned with your website link. I thought it would work if I changed the Favicon in Structure Data/Page Manager in Site Designer. But that doesn't seem to work. Does anyone know how to designate the file for og:image?

More info using Facebook Scraped URL:

Facebook sees this (and this IS the file I want it to use):
<link rel="icon" href="./images-100x100/wine%20glass.png" type="image/png">

Facebook uses this for og:image:
<div class="responsive-picture picture-logo"><picture><img alt="Placeholder Picture" src="./images/ThreeOaksWebsite.png"></picture></div>

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FYI - the og:image shows up when you share your website link on Facebook. I wasn't happy with the image Facebook automatically selected, so I needed to assign a value to og:image. I resolved the problem by editing the HTML directly prior to uploading to my website. I'm not sure of a good way to do this within Site Designer.
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That's a fine way to do it. It could probably be done with a JQuery script on page load.
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