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For me, vast majority can use grids, so I would do grids first, then worry about fallback. IE 11 global use, is less than 3% as of last month. I'll look at your file also Frank; thanks for your idea.

I found the grid solution, not sure why I didn't think of it earlier.
grid container with two columns
left column min/max: auto/50%
right column min/max: 50%/auto

I wanted to use the grids, so its would be easily "expandable" should new elements be added to the footer. I did not want to use any pixel widths because if I change fonts, font size, image size, margins/paddings/gaps, I have to redo pixel widths.

It still breaks, for now, if my text and graphic won't fit across page, but I would not design any narrower than 320px. My pages would not be used by a watch. I am sure it can be fixed to flow down, just not worried about it right now, because on a tiny screen, it can still scroll left, and if someone is using a narrower phone, they would be accustomed to landscape use.

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