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Bosco, what I said is, you cannot include php stuff in the page manager This also means you cannot add php files into the resources and link to them in the page manager. Eric has just said what you can do if you need php.
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Bosco wrote:
I know about those settings. I made a huge mistake of reading the css documentation and then found way too many sites that help with the css, but we can't add any css inside of SD if I'm understanding that right.

Could a component be made to be able to add different styles of gradients? I've never used or learned how the CC components work. Can they also store related JS files? You are the Queen of Components, that's for sure!

I saw Bob use a technique that I have adopted. It works for extra CSS as well as Javascript.

Whatever CSS or Javascript is needed, I add an html element inside the Div (that will become the component). I set the html element to display:none. When I select the Div and create the component from it, the needed CSS and/or JS is included with it.
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As an aside, it would seem you are doing some drastic stuff using so many gradient points. Make sure you are not going to extremes visually.

If it is something you want to do,and you find adding the code difficult or tedious, consider using a simple vector drawing application (many are free), and create your graphic as a .svg file type and worry about the coding later. You can then insert the graphic into your webpage, either as the graphic itself, or use the repeat styles and such. Do not worry about the size of the svg fire. Using a svg file for a background with any number of gradients will be a very small amount of kilobytes. I have a logo, that can be resized to ANY size (2mm to 20 feet...), has about 3 dozen shapes inside it, and it is only 20 kb. I use CSS to set its size inside a container.
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Hi Bill,

I'm not doing anything crazy. In SD's gradient options,I would like to rotate the radial patterns, just like the linear gradients. I would also like to be able to be position the gradient When it comes to the radial I would like to be able to rotate it, just like the linear one. With the radial, I could be able to move the pattern so the center is in the upper corner. I would like to be able to save in the color gradient in the color picker. I could create a pallet of gradients. CC might even consider moving The gradients to the color chooser. That's All I have at the moment.

What's is a good tool to create svg files in.I think the time has come for me to learn how to make them.

Thanks for all the help!
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A little off topic, related, but just not to do with CC products.

Hey Bill,

Some follow up on the svg gradient advice. Thanks for goading/pointing me in the right direction on this. It lead me to see that svg files have finally received close to full browser vendor support. This is for the current svg ver. 1.1 from 2011 or so. I saw this when it was in it's infancy where you could actually hand code a xml file for inclusion into a Web page. Browser support was nil, but it had promise. Now those days of hand coding may have past as well as over all support of xml replaced in general with json, but your point is really spot on.

What sparked my memory on this topic and the reason for the follow up is that Inkscape after 16 years has come out with a new version 1.0 with full support of svg 1.1. There really is no excuse for not trying to give creating svg images a go. No reason to purchase CorelDraw, Illustrator or any other commercial software to learn about this image format.

I do have to question if svg as a format stays future proof, but we should all give it a try to see in the future where we have come from.

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