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Brian Durfee wrote:
Twinstream wrote:
No sure about Foundation....they are now a community project are they not ? (No longer associated with ZURB)

Really? Who is overseeing the Framework to determine what goes in and doesn't?

Community volunteers who work for free. They have some new changes coming too for Foundation 7 so it will be neat to see where the community takes it from here.

I guess relating to your first post I think that if both Foundation and Bootstrap no longer support IE11 in the next releases, it may be a good time to uncheck the framework grid setting in the project settings menu. I think this was always the original premise of Coffeecups forward thinking that you use only parts of the frameworks to your benefit such as navbars, modals etc. and utility classes such as margin, padding, alignment. The layout grid can be discarded (unchecked to save some bytes) and one can use just CSS Grid.

Materialize would still be a good option in Site Designer for older browser support and IE because it does not use flex even for the grid layout...its float based.

I still think the best way would be to shutter all the frameworks, learn how to build things with javascript and CSS Grid to keep the files to a minimum and precisely targeted with no garbage you are never going to use loaded. Frameworkless.

I will be on board as soon as they give us the simple <img> tag and stop trying to pull the wool over our eyes with the <picture> tag. Thats a big joke.

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Wayan Jaya Space Cadet wrote:
A little off topic but regarding bootstrap 5 beta or not, I'm betting I know who will be the first to ask about including it in site designer. If I am wrong the beers will be on me all night. But you will have to buy your tickets to Bali :(

I wouldn't bet against you on that one. :lol:
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