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I have been trying to tidy up my code and as I have so much php in the pages I have editing the php pages with my code editor.
I have created a new aside for the pages that are for my app that creates greetings cards inserts, however when it runs my vquery.php page, which has a long table the aside page contents spread to the size of the table length.
Is there a way I can alter the aside so that it does not do this using my code editor?
I need to understand how SD controls this in its raw form.
vquery.php is the file that contains the aside-verse.php
aside-verse.php is the code with 2 links in especially for my verse's pages.
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The impression I get is as follows.
(a) In SD there is an aside container.
(b) The contents of that aside container are making it stretch downwards beyond the bottom of the screen.
(c) The result is that the whole page will scroll down, but has nothing to show further down apart from the aside container.
(d) What is wanted is for the scrolling to be of the aside container only.

If that is so, I would deal with it as follows in SD.
1. I would set the height of the aside container to 100vh.
2. For that aside container I would go to the Styles panel, Layout section, Position heading and set the box marked Overflow to Scroll.

Purely to demonstrate what I mean, I attach an example page using Frameworkless. The principles used can, of course, be applied to the various frameworks as well.

If the above is not the kind of effect that is wanted, I suggest that further details of the problem be provided so that someone can help. I'm afraid that my help must be limited to the above. I am not qualified to help with PHP.

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I’m afraid that’s not what I mean.
The table is generated by some php code and in some cases can be quite long.
The aside has 3 sections of code, 1. giving the time, 2. A Google search app, 3. Two links to some pdf documents.
I want the 3 sections all to be at the top!
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You're saying that you had created a new .aside. Did you by any chance make it flex and flex-direction column? If so, check what you have for justify-content. It has to be flex-start. If you set that to center, it will centre vertically.
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I need to be more observant!
Missing closing div's

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