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tassietiger wrote:
Took a bit of finding but here is their clause:

6.4 Seller Discouragement Policy. You agree that PayPal may suspend your account or otherwise prohibit your use of the PayPal service if you display PayPal as an accepted payment method on your website or eBay listing and subsequently prohibit the use of PayPal, surcharge for the use of PayPal, or otherwise discourage the use of PayPal as a payment mechanism.

This has been quite an eye opener. Makes you want to read fine prints -- no matter how fine they get. Thanks!
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As Mentioned before I was seeing the confusion of the shipping destination and taxes. I see that the shipping destination always defaults to "International" . I have two options for my shipping an Instore Pick up and normal shipping. If they are going to do an instore pick up most likey they will not select a shipping destination, which means no taxes will be added to price. Is there a way that we can set the default to show a certain state? That way the proper taxes are added and that will most likely prompt them to change that section if they are not in that state.
I have a note on the page to make sure they change it for proper tax rates but as we all know people dont read that kind of stuff as they are so use to just clicking their way through these sites.

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I do not believe it is possible with the current version. However, I believe the pro version, when its released has it relative to states.
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Hiya Kelly,

The Pro version will address this in a way that will require them to make a choice in order to finish the transactions which should help quite a bit, but the basic version at this time is unable to do this.

Might be that altering the names of your shipping categories will change them to the default one you want, but I'll have to look at it to get a better idea of how the defaults work on it currently.
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I have bought many coffecup progs to create a webshop (Visual Site Designer, Shopping Cart designer, Shopping Cart Creator, Website Color Schemer, Flash Menu Builder and Photo Gallery)

Now I want to add iDEAL payments through multisafepay to my payment options. In the Netherlands, most people pay with iDEAL and not with paypal (most people don't have credit cards here).

Upon reading the support forums, I see that others have asked the same question before.

How can I add this to my shopping cart?

Multisafepay offers several API's to integrate iDEAL in your webshop (php, asp, dotNET): … elijk.html

Please help me! Thank you

So my suggestion is to add this as a payment option

All the best
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Now that pro is 'on the horizon' (just don't ask how far that horizon is..:)), I am hoping that some serious consideration will now be given to providing a 'fluid width' option to Cart Creator, in addition to the current two fixed width options. :rolleyes:

With the plethora of LCD monitors available now, there is a vast array of screen resolutions around and from a design perspective I would rather utilise the screen space to fill the viewers screen, rather than wasting 'dead space' on either side of the cart. With display resolutions of 2000 px quite common on the larger monitors now, that 'dead space' can be quite significant.

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I'd go for downloadable products ahead of fluid width as you'd think that it would be easier to implement as fluid width has knock on effects throughout Designer as well. Have to agree though, fluid width would be nice!
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In the CSS stylesheet of other programs, you simply change container width from px to % . In three major open source programs I have used, that simple code change takes less than 20 seconds. Just hope the team haven't created code that excludes that fluid width option, as that would eventually put Cart Creator at a major design disadvantage.
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I just want to choose my own width. Pixels is fine. The limitation of two fixed widths that can't be changed makes me want to stick my finger in jelly donuts. :/
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I didn't see anyone asking about an admin area for the Shopping Cart Creator Pro.

1. Is there going to be an admin area where the shop owner can add/delete products from the store directly on the server, without having to upload the entire cart?

2. Also, will there be a method where the shop owner can bulk upload his/her products and/or categories.

I am waiting patiently for the pro version to come out.

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