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Hi everyone,

I created a shop for a Shar-Pei Rescue that I volunteer for. We had a shop that was a few Paypal buttons but needed to upgrade when we added a bunch of new items. The Coffee Cup Shopping Cart Creator worked well for this. I am looking forward to the Pro because I believe that I read that it has inventory functionality, but for now this is working well.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions!

Thank you,

Mary Ann

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Iris Moon's Boca Beads - web site and Pro Shop
I used CC HTML Editor and the organic vibrance theme, and changed the graphic elements for the site.
Did the same for the shop template to get some sort of "looks like"
The site is at, with shop links and promo
The Pro Shop sells jewelry, beads, and beading classes:
The store has been live since May 2010.
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I'm waiting for you people to add shipping and pricing discounts related to quantity/$. Would also like to see the ability to optimize more completely, including URL/file name and alt/title tags.

Until that time arrives, I'll continue using open source full featured carts with iframes for upper end e-commerce situations.

I did, however, build a client site a while back using SCC...
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Hi everybody,

Buy your Milwaukee Tools online at:

This shop is made with Coffeecup Shopping Cart Creator and Shopping Cart Designer Pro.
Due to some uncertainty regarding your site, the url has been removed from your post. Please feel free to add a new post if you believe that your site is a good representation of CoffeeCup Shopping Cart software (or any other CC software for that matter).

Janys Hyde

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Hiya Roger,

How did you bypass half of the functions of the shopping cart creator? Your menu does not drop down, which I haven't looked at every theme, but I was thinking they all had a drop down list of the categories and subcategories if horizontal, and a full list (or flyout menu at least) on the vertical menus. How (and why also) did you remove that?

Also wondering how you bypassed the entire area of the Details pages of your products and had it go directly to information about PayPal with no photos at all of your items (and once again why you would bypass that and descriptions of your products)?

Just curious on those 2 questions, I didn't delve into your site all to deeply other than noticing those 2 major differences to most shops with SCC.
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I think it is great to let us share our sites :D Thanks :)

I have my paintings up in the store and almost done with
the final touches with a few Christmas ornies.
Happy Thanksgiving!
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Laurenda wrote:
I think it is great to let us share our sites :D Thanks :)

I have my paintings up in the store and almost done with
the final touches with a few Christmas ornies.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi betty, viewed in firefox your home pages have ? symbols all over the place (probably ') i think should be there

Also have you tried the CC SC designer program (free trial) you can increase the thumbnail images, which i think in your case for paintings would be very beneficial
Started using CC VSD in January 2009, I don't do HTML code, Sales from CC site exceeding expectations taken me out of semi-retirement
My new VSD & SCCP site Oct 2011
My friendly window cleaner

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Having seen some of the sites here, and appreciating some of the design ideas, I thought I'd add some sites we have designed using standard code and SCC. I'm always open for criticism and comments, so fire away. We revisit our older sites for updating at the beginning of the new year, and appreciate other designers' keen eyes and insights.

Thanks again,
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Gotta say this software did everything it was supposed to. Very cool. And, people really do send money. :)
Owner of Jule Amps
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Hello World :)
Here is my little Insider Shop made with shop creator. I love :cool: this piece of software!
Just right for me and easy to use .
And Jippie! I had my first purchaser .... it works perfectly . Thank to Suzanne Norvell for her friendly consultation and hints for working with downloadable items.
vidi's kleiner Insidershop

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