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wow real excited when the e-mail came as this was just what
i have been waiting for ....and CoffeeCup has been making life easy for a few years now ...

i have loaded and tried ....and am sad to say ......

one of the most aggrivating things to do on a website.....


800 x 600 is still the most popular size...(mostly because us older half blind people really need and want ....larger print ....

having the wide screen is also usless as on the preview....i find side to side is way too spread out ....with a large enpty space on the right ....

much ...much better to have a longer page and narrower than have
to have to go sideways .....(maybe i missed a page size adj icon??)


1) uploaded to server and it didn't load ....gone somewhere
into cyberspace ...oh

2) in item detail section...i used underline, italics. and bold...
when i disabled the did not remove it from
the preview and the bold or italics would not both disable
at the same time...when i turn one off the other one came
on by itself....and vice

3) i sell jeans in my store which requires 21 diff sizes
3 colours, 2 prices(adding 10% for oversizes) but only
have 2 option fields....i find i will have to list the
same jeans multile times ...

overall ....very easy to set up.....but will have to wait
on this one ...

looking foward to narrower, expanded, and bug free version ...

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According to some Internet statistics over 48% of surfers use 1024x768 or higher. Take a look at

For your other issues

1) It sounds like you used the wrong remote folder location. Make sure to use the same path you use when uploading your Website. So if you use for example /public_html enter in /public_html/shop If you still can't get it to work, open a support ticket and we can try and help you with this.

2) Thank you for reporting this issue. I have it logged with our programmers now.

3) Right now PayPal Express only allows up to 2 optional fields. You still can make it work with that method but there is no way yet to charge a different price based on size. I do see that sort of feature making it into the software though. It has been a very large request.
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