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Chuck B wrote:
Eric English wrote:
First, show us a post where Scott promised you a date?

How about the thread in the Shopping Cart Creator forum titled: Shopping Cart Creator Pro -- NOW READY!!!!, by one Scott Swedorski, Esq.??? Oh, he was "just kidding!" Now, wasn't that a really professional, responsible thing for a CC mucky-muck to do?

i Can't wait to read that NOW READY!!!! !!!!!!

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Scott Swedorski wrote:
Did you not eat eat your Corn Flakes today Chuck? That is a lot of negativity for one post... ;)

Not necessarily. Eric #1 stated that you posted that SCC Pro was 'ready.' Eric # 2 said, 'Not so much'.

Facts is facts. You did make that post, and a lot of excited potential users were disappointed. I don't think it was a responsible thing for VP of Product Development to do.

Just my opinion. No offense intended. :|

P.S. Don't care for Corn Flakes. Like Wheaties & Raisin Bran, though... :)

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Oh come on Chuck, that was only the subject line of the post. If you read the content of the post, it gave specific information on the program with no release date. The point of the post was to provide information on the development cycle of the product and to keep all of our users informed. I would think you would most of all appreciate that we are providing this information instead of ignoring all the "When will SCC Pro be ready?" comments and do so with a little humor.

We are working as hard as we can on SCC Pro. We are just making sure everything is properly addressed before it is released. This is why we have 100% made sure never to post an actual release date.

Post contents:

No, not really...... ;) I did want to however give all of you a status update. We just sent the latest build to our beta testers and if all goes well, we should be able to start wrapping this up and be ready for a public beta by early February. We are putting a lot of effort into making sure every detail is working flawlessly. By the end of the month I will also be posting the official feature list that will be included in the Pro version.

Here are just a few of the features that are now in the Pro version. As you can see by the list, this is no small upgrade. Because this version added so many features and they tie directly to financial transactions, we have to make sure there are absolutely no problems at all. Our beta testers have been working very close with us testing each and every build to help us minimize problems before it is released.

SCC Pro feature list:
    * Ability to create sub-categories
    * WordPay and 2Checkout support
    * Import and Export products to/from CSV file
    * Search in the navigation
    * Products grid tab that allows you to see all your items at once and make changes.
    * Ability to add SKU numbers
    * Stock control/Inventory Management
    * Transaction logging
    * Ability to set optional prices in the optional fields area.
    * Beta add on module for email notifications
    * Ability to view a transaction log online with a secure user name and password
    * Many new themes
    * New shipping module for weight based shipping
    * FTP server settings are now saved with the shop and no longer a global setting
    * Merchant information is now saved with the shop and no longer a global setting
    * Ability to add up to 3000 products and 300 categories.
    * On pages area, new Header Text option
    * Products are now reference by ID only, so if you move products to another group, it doesn't hurt SEO
    * Misc. updates to all scripts for better compatibility
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Read that list makes me drool even more :D

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Sounds and looks good to me. And I am even happy with how my little store is working without the Pro version so I can see my taking off when it does arrive!

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Scott Swedorski wrote:
Oh come on Chuck, that was only the subject line of the post.

Yes, it was the subject line, but it addresses the issue that was brought up by Eric #1. That's the only reason for my post. You wrote what he said you wrote, subject-line-only, or not.

Do you really think that a lot of eager prospective customers weren't let down when they read 'No, not really...'??? I just happen to think that it was a poorly thought-out subject line, considering the number of users ready to plunk down their cash as soon as it's available. Good thing you're not a doctor. "Hello, this is Dr. Swedorski. The test results are in. It's CANCER!!!! Just kidding... :D"

And yes, I read the entire content at the time. There's no reason to direct it to my attention at this late date.

The point of the post was to provide information on the development cycle of the product and to keep all of our users informed.

That's appreciated and more appropriately addressed in the subsequent post regarding the status of the program.

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Eric Bailey wrote:
Personally I have just about had it with coffeecup software.

In the past I have had a number of unflattering comments regarding my comments - e.g. "You should have tested it before buying... etc. They don't need to warn Canadians etc. about it being US only because you should have tested it before buying etc. etc. At the time I trusted coffeecup software so did not fully test it. My mistake - on both counts.


I am going back to school in the fall for a career change so my store front is on hold for one to two years - maybe by then the bugs will be worked out and SCC Pro will have been released...


Since Eric the Good already commented on most of this I'll just add my 10 cents on a couple things above. .... What comments? This was your first post lol, so do enlighten us on how you got comments without posting please? I know I would love to know how that's done lol.

And so you're bashing the software, bashing the company, going back to school and still planning to check out SCC Pro? I'm confused here, you love it you hate it you don't know what you want? Tsk Tsk, if you are going to bash the people that help you and bash the software that many of us love, I would expect you not to be planning to even think about using it in the future. I know I for one will be very reluctant to help you "Should you actually ask for assistance before bashing" if you do end up using SCC Pro. Bad attitudes in helpful areas are counterproductive and they surely don't give rise to people feeling like they want to help those with them.

That's all, carry on :P

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LoL ...i haven't noticed this guy has 1 post !!!

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Maybe you insulted him telepathically? Your negative energy was soooo strong that it sent him a comment that imprinted on his brain...
Or maybe he's just having a bad day (been there before)
Or maybe its just a love hate relationship (love the software but hate that it doesn't work the way I WANT IT TO)

Or maybe Scott ticked him off with that whole "just kidding" thing (damn you Scott!)

I find that 'unplugging" works well for most of these complaints. Step away from the PC for a bit, have a cold one, go yell at the kids who are stepping on your lawn, find something to do other than staring at the computer monitor and venting.

The Pro version will be done when they're done with it, until then everyone should just CHILL!

Oh and before ya'll start flaming me, I'm JUST KIDDING!:lol:

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lol Jefff, well said indeed!

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