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Are there any templates suitable for mobile phone screens?
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I am attaching a photo of what I am trying to do ... I have contacted support about this, and Orlando says it cannot be done right now, so I am adding it to the suggestions of things I would like to see in the next version of Shopping Cart Designer Pro.

I have built a website using SCDPro. Since the product I am selling is jewelry, it is more important to have large photos than a large "description" area. I would like to be able to have my thumbnails a large size, but keep the overall size of the product area small, so I can get 4 items across, instead of 3 (see attached pic).

PLEASE, please, please add this to the next version of SCDP.
Thank you!
: )
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I would like to see some option to modify the navigation structure of the shop. Right now, my basic navigation menu at the top has only four main links (Home, Shop Home, Categories, View Cart). I've created a bunch of pages in SCCP like Blog, About Us, Contact Info, Shipping Policies, etc. and would prefer to have them all show up in a horizontal bar right below the rest of the links, with hover images, etc., so that they are immediately visible without having to hover over the Shop Home button to get a list of links.

Also, I would like the option to change the opacity of the navigation menu text (e.g. "Home" and "Shop Home") so that I can create custom images that incorporate that text, albeit in a more interesting font! Right now, the appearance of my shop links is limited to the generic font of the entire site.

Oh, and for SCCP, let us make more static pages!
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There are no options for adding Border Radius to a Theme in Coffee Cup Designer Pro.

All sites created look (in my opinion) cheap - compared to a nice STYLISH web site with rounded corners.

I would like to ask CC to add this feature to future Updates to SCD Pro.

So there is your challenge CC .....! are you up to the task?

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I would like to see the color box size be editable so it's not always the size of your browser window which can get huge if you have a big monitor. Makes the images look small and insignificant and the window very oversized. Hope this is something we can get a setting to edit it to our own sizes :)
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I would love to see the shopping cart as a Joomla module
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My suggestion for Shopping Cart Designer Pro is to support transparent thumbnails.


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It seems like a lot of others I too would like to see the ability to remove the white area around images. My preference would be for it to automatically match the page background, if that's not possible then setting the colour manually would be just fine.


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Was thinking about the number of people that have had issues with not having the ability to put new pages and other pages on the main menu bar. One of the things that may help (until this is added which hopefully it will be) is to add more icons in the Menu Navigation Icons folder with images of tiny down arrows. These could then be used just like any other menu where it will depict that there are drop down choices below so when people see the menu they may realize to click or mouse over it to get more choices.

So my suggestion is to add a good handful of small little down arrow icons to the program's defaults (and maybe in the CC shop too!) to depict a drop down menu. Yes we can get some of our own I'm sure, but having a handful at our fingertips would be a nice addition in a future update :)
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I bought the complete pack and those are my suggestion for Shopping Cart designer Pro.

For those who are selling small pieces on large quantities, please make the field "quanity" resizable. Values bigger dan 999 are not visible anymore.

For those who are selling a big range of products, please make it possible to view the products as a list/table while visiting the shop.

Please make it possible to checkout without payment and shipment. In that case the content of the cart should be send by email to both. This is very important because those who are not selling to the public but to a fixed list of customers do not want to force their customers to pay each time they are buying some products, but instead they send them an invoice on regular base.

Please and this is for all the software that CC is selling, think at the people who are not speaking the English language. For those it would be interesting to have the possibility to adjust all the messages from inside the SCD Pro. For example: "Your cart" would become "Uw winkelwagentje" for the Dutch speaking people. I do not ask to translate all those messages. Leave the translation as a variable text that everyone can write themselves.

Please consider my thoughts as they would be a huge improvement.

Kind regards,

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