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I know that one cannot make a responsive theme, as the program has not progressed to that point yet. I'm just wondering if anyone has ever made a theme responsive after generating the cart? I'm sort of limited design-wise on what I can do, and I'd like to do so much more. Unfortunately, there are so many items already up on my show (, that to start over from scratch with another program would take time that niether I nor my boss as. Anyone ever have a similar issue, and if so how did you get around that? Any responses are appreciated :)

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Hi Chris,

There is no easy way to make sccp responsive without spending hours and hours to edit the files manually. Then you would have to recode do this each time you change anything in your shop. Rumour has it that some time in the future CC will be creating a new responsive shopping cart.
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Oh well, thanks for the answer lol

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