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I am basically new to the SCD Pro application and am trying to design a new theme for use. I noted in SCC that the themes can be 800/600 or 1024/768. Having that knowledge I created a background image at 1024/768 and then loaded it into SCD Pro and noted that it appears to repeat per the default settings and if they are turned off the image appears at the top of the screen then repeats further down the screen. I was under the impression that if the background image was the same size as the default of 1024/768 that it would not repeat but would fill the screen. Is that a 'dumb-headed' assumption on my part or am I missing something. I would like to have a background image that remains static and doesn't move, or is that not possible. Any help would be appreciated.

Additionally, is there are standard size that individual images should be when using SCD Pro, and if so, what are those sizes and for which images should they be set?

Thanks for any and all responses: Michael :lol:
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I'm having the same problem. Designed a theme in Corel saved as .jpg 800/600 and it repeats in SCD Pro.
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I would suggest that the both of you open a support ticket so we can take a closer look at your files.
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