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Normally, I'd go over the links and read about it, but I have my mind on eggs today LOL
There is a FREE S-Drive setup, that is web hosting? I see there are paid ones, too and you get a free domain name registration with a paid web hosting.
I have the HTML editor (I see by my account page I bought it in 2000, I remember I had the free one first) so I could just use this, and upload it to the S-Drive hosting?
I don't do too much with websites at the time, got off into other things like learning graphic programs and still don't have a real reason to have a website. But, it's till a goal.
I have some Angelfire free ones that used to let me upload (from the CoffeeCup editor) which was great, but apparently now you can't with the free ones. I know, I need an FTP (and know CC has this) but as I said, websites aren't really my #1 forcuss right now.
BUT... in the process of the egg hunt I found myself going over the links about S-drive (which is how I found my first egg, but I'm holding out for one of the bigger ones, like one of the laptops!)
It looks like with the S-Drive, there is one program that is free? and I don't have to get or use anything special to set up the webpages since I already have the HTML editor?
Maybe a different topic, but I see there is a CSS builder, too, but the HTML editor has one of these built in, isn't that sort of the same thing?
I'll check back when I have time... maybe after the egg hunt is over LOL
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You can use the Freebie S-Drive plan to upload/host your website built with the HTML Editor at no cost. Once you have your free S-Drive account set up simply use your CoffeeCup email and password to publish from the HTML Editor. I know you are hunting eggs, but after you find a prize here is a great tutorial which shows you how to upload to S-Drive using the HTML Editor. http://www.coffeecup.com/newsletter/405 … 1145ac6e65
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Am new to the S-Drive option. After I have developed my site, can I then port it out to my host domain. Or does it have to remain in the S-Drive forever? :/
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You can move it, but any Streams or forms (created with Form Builder) on your SDrive account won't go with it. Is there something you don't like about the SDrive hosting?
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