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I am learning how to make web sites and hoping once I know the basics to be able to create for friends' businesses etc. I have been looking into s-drive and wondering whether it is best to have numerous s-drives for each web site, or whether one s-drive will suffice for numerous websites? I want it to be as simple as possible.

If I need more than one s-drive, am I able to purchase the "free" s-drive plan for each website and log-in using different customer logins?

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"the "free" s-drive plan for each website and log-in using different customer logins?" (CORRECT)

Definitely use above if each person you write a website for will require the ability to edit or manage their own site at a later date.

However if you are keeping hold of the rains webbie plan gives you 3 websites, 3 urls, 3 streams, 3 forms and you can have your own personal urls attached to each, so no need to use

And i think CC have plans for more options soon
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Just started using the new web form builder so had a look at s-drive... It seems to work well but I can only build one form before having to upgrade (aka pay)!!! I've just paid for the software so I can build multiple forms for various websites - I'm not about to pay up to $25/month!

So what is everyone else doing? Creating multiple s-drive accounts or uploading forms manually without using s-drive at all?

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Hi Robert,
You can export your form to use it on any server.:)
Click on File / Export / Manual Server Setup
I can't hear what I'm looking at.
It's easy to overlook something you're not looking for.

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