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I moved one of my domains to the s-drive.
I got to say it's a fast hosting server....tested the new php form on my GoDaddy hosting and then on the s-drive big difference.

my question is that it looks like the domain i switch to s-drive is a "Masked Forwarding" If i'm wrong let me know.
A masked redirect isn't a good way to go for SEO.

Are there any plans to make the s-drive a "real" shared hosting account where we can add htacess, databases, 3rd party add-on's like wordpress or joomba.

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Hi Liza,

Glad you're happy with S-Drive. The way domain names work on S-Drive is that every account has a URL (in your case, it's This is your permanent URL. Since you also purchased a domain name it will automatically point to our system using a CNAME record, and in turn, it points to the same location as your permanent URL. There is absolutely no reason this would hurt your SEO.

The only time you would need to be concerned is if you had both URLs indexed with the same content, and the only way that would happen is if you linked to the permanent URL and that link was followed and indexed.

So long as you don't use the permanent URL publicly, you have nothing to worry about.
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Ok... so it's a 301 redirect??

i use Google webmaster and analytic's - i add to my websites and upload the verification file to the S-drive or or maybe it's easier for this situation add a record it to the DNS for verification?

I understand duplicate content and don't plan to use both domains...

I really like the form set-up on s-drive it lets me by-pass GoDaddy "gdform.php" and the 15 to 20 minute batch wait time on receiving form results from GoDaddy .

At some point are you going to allow for domain transfers and email for domains?? i like to use my domain as an email address..


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liza piorkowski wrote:
At some point are you going to allow email for domains?? i like to use my domain as an email address..

check this post , the answer is NO
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