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So, as the title says, I have an old site I designed with VSD and I'm ready to launch to a new snazzier one I made with RSD. I uploaded the new site, and it looks good, so I'm ready to go live with it. I have ".com" URL, and when you typed in the URL, old site always pointed to the "index.html" page. For the new site I want the ".com" URL to point to the main page, which I have titled "home.html" so I could load it and test it out without taking the old site down. So here's my question - if I just change the new page from "home.html" to "index.html" and republish it, will the ".com" URL go where I want it? Or is there a way to make the ".com" URL to point to the "home.html" page? What's the easiest way to make this work? Thanks in advance!

Secondly, as part of the migration to the new site, I should probably remove the files from the old one in my storage. I guess I can just look at the files by date and tell which are the old ones I don't need anymore. That way people can't access the old one. Would that hurt google searching or anything like that?

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