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Hi All

Prior to using RLM, I used Dreamweaver and created Folders (or Sub Directories if you are old enough) to organise my work. For example I have say six products each with several related pages and a number of images and they were placed in a folder together. This made management easy as all I had to do to remove the relevant files if a product was removed was delete the folder.

RLM creates a similar structure in 'manage project' but when the files are exported it has a flat file structure. Have I missed something or will the long awaited VSD take care of this?

This particular site has 150+ pages and with all those images it's going to be a nightmare. The perfect location for a sailing vacation
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I think you might find your answer here.? … out-maker/

I only know a little, but it seems to be what you're looking for.:)
Good luck...
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Hi Mark

Thank you for your response. I had read this post and it isn't what I was looking for. You can see from the attachment what I mean. The attachment shows the folder structure of my current production structure. You can see how many files are contained within just one yacht. To bundle them all together in one IMG folder is going to make the task of managing files huge.

It may be that I need to create a project for each section type as the pages will have a different format, but that seems like over kill too. I could create an img folder for each subject but that would increase the work and complexity of getting the path accurate each time.

Like many, I am waiting for the new RSD when it arrives to see if it deals with this or not. I really don't want to have to use Dreamweaver to create folders and get it to update all the broken links. The perfect location for a sailing vacation
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You can’t create directories in RLM.

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