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Well, I finally uploaded the responsive website. Still not the way I want it to look.
So, I'm starting to improve the look at narrow sizes. I reduced all of the font sizes at about 340 or so. So far the RLMP program doesn't show the font size reduction. The html page shows only the reduced font size even at full width. What is going on? When I tried to reduce font sizes as the width decreases, RLMP changed all the font sizes to the lower size and there wasn't anything that showed the original size I wanted.
Does the main.css make a different section for each media size? I noticed there's one for about 336 but nothing shows underneath the section.
I published the website at but it's really not finished yet especially at the smaller sizes.
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Can you upload your project file so we can look at the settings?
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When you were setting the changes in RLMP, did you:
A) just move the slider and make the changes or
B) did you move the slider, set a breakpoint, and then make your changes?
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As to Brian Durfee's question, I went to the breakpoint that was already set then I made the changes and saved the file. What's the proper way to set a breakpoint?

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