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David Anderson wrote:

And some old farts have smart phones. You'd be surprised.
You may want to make it easy for everyone.

Yep, I'm one of the old farts, I have a so-called smart phone also, use it for scouting for Amazon inventory. I don't use if for the web tho, can't stand it. :D
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Inger wrote:
Tom, I agree with David in that many 'oldfarts' have broken the 'internet on phones' code and are surfing about. And If you do as suggested, start with RLM to build your layout, then you will have the slider to move down to phone size right in front of you, so there is no reason why you shouldn't include phones in your planning.

As to the menu, there are ways of building a responsive, collapsible menu. If you are a well versed coder, you could build one yourself with html and pure css, but if not, and particularly since you have a lot of subbmenus, I would advise you to take a look at CoffeeCup's menu builder.

I probably will go down to phone size, although I will never personally use it except for testing. Actually I am messing with this site with RLM and the menus are the largest problem for me at the moment. The largest page with related content links has 29 of them and I expect to add three more. On the existing site, the left side bar is used for related links, which are presently nothing more than several ul lists. I guess I'm going to have to put them into two or three actual sub menus, collapsible as you suggested -- that I will have to study on as I've never built one of those (or borrow one :cool: not)
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Brian Durfee wrote:
Responsive or Not
Yes, do a responsive site. Here are a few thoughts.

2. In the future, the young guys with the smart phones and tablets may be the ones running the site.

4. Don't let fear stop you. Perhaps I'm wrong, but it sounds like the most daunting fear is having to do so many pages over and over with all the menus. Don't let that stop you. There is any easy way. See CMS Notes

RSD might offer some extra benefit later, but having RLM will allow you to already work through the learning curve so you are ready for RSD.

CMS Notes
You were smart to do the original site with a CMS because of its size. For your new site, you need a CMS in which you can make your own template and you can put photo galleries on pages. Create one master layout with RLM and Menu Builder and use that same layout for every page. Once that's done, all you have to do is put the content for each page into the database. Transferring your page content, especially the pictures is where your significant work is going to be. There are some ways to make the work go quicker, but it still takes time.

There is an alternative to having a full-blown CMS. If you know a little PHP and can set up a MySQL database, all you really need is to house the textual content for the pages and be able to create photo galleries and assign them to the pages.

So there's my ten cents worth of opinion.

Thanks Brian for your thoughts.
The young guys will probably not be running the site. When I go to my reward, the site is already set to go into pre-paid caretaker mode for two years, and, then my sons can do with it as they wish.

I have considered RSD seriously and waiting for it. But, that is in a CC Soon Soon Soon Soon status. And, we know what that may mean. lol, and I think I just added four or more days to its release.

About the CMS, you are correct in why I originally published with one when the site grew over fifty pages. Thanks very much about mentioning using again with templates by RLM. I have to really think about that -- you know can't see the tree because of the forest, or, is it the other way around... but thanks, you have given me something to really look into.


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