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Hello All,

My question is regarding making changes. I have messed around with many of the layouts to learn more about rlmp, but when I try to do something in the layout called "simple". no changes occur.

If you take a look at the layout in the bootstrap folder in the rlmp layouts inside of the "layouts only" folder there is one called "simple" . There are 4 large colored boxes. I tried to change the color of the "4" box. It shows the change in the rlmp program but when previewed or exported the change does not show. I can, however, change it in the html editor by changing the rgb colors. Is this normal? Or is something wrong on my end.



I do not have a link as I did not do anything except change the color which did not work. Just curious if anyone else has had the same issue with this layout.

*update: before I posted this, I tried changing the font color to red where it says "place your site tagline here"...same result...shows red in the program, but nothing else. Thanks :)
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I am having similar issues with the Craft layout. I can change colors on new items only. I have changed the color - but no real change occurs. I am still playing with it, but I am very frustrated. I can't stretch the design; new items have padding I can't change. For example: they appear within the visible grid, whereas the existing elements lay on top of the grid. I copy the details exactly and it (the new item) stays the same??? I can't change the font sizes also?
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